5 Decorating Tips For Better Looking Home

Do you find it difficult to choose furniture or paintings for your home because you are unsure of your personal style? Do you envious of friends who seem to be able to arrange their home in a style that completely suits them?

Today, I’m going to provide you with G4H five easy ways to figure out your design style, as well as four ways to do it on a budget!

1. Look through magazines

Pinterest is also fantastic, but there are so many gorgeous photographs on Pinterest at any given time that it might be tough to narrow down your favorite style. Instead, pull out the photographs of rooms and homes that you are most drawn to from magazine pages one by one. There are no right or incorrect answers–just rip out what you want! Examine the images you’ve torn out and see what they have in common.

2. Take a quiz online

There are numerous online quizzes available to assist you in determining your decorating style. Take a few of the design style quizzes at your leisure. If they all come out the same way, you’re on the right track. They’re entertaining and can truly help you create your personal style. This one from Houzz and this one from Better Homes and Gardens are two that I suggest.

3. Take a look at your closet

Examine your favorite clothes items with a critical eye. Pay close attention to the textures and colors. Is the majority of them neutral? If that’s the case, you might prefer a neutral color scheme for your home. Do you prefer clothing with a lot of color and striking patterns? If so, use fabrics for your home that have a similar look.

4. Pay attention to the home’s exterior.

What houses make your heart skip a beat when you drive around your city or town? Is it a classic brick house or a minimalist and modern one? If you like modern architecture, you’ll appreciate the clean lines and minimalism of modern home decor. Classic furniture, such as rolled-arm sofas, will likely appeal to those who enjoy traditional homes.

5. Make a list of your current furnishings.

Take notes as you walk through your home. Make a list of the furniture, paintings, and accessories you adore in each space, as well as a separate list of those you wish you could replace. Then, look over your list of favorite items to identify what they all have in common and write those down. Keep that list with you whenever you make a house purchase–it will serve as a fantastic reminder to stay true to your personal style!

Once you’ve figured out what your style is, you’ll need to find out how to attain it without breaking the bank. The next four extra recommendations will assist you in doing just that!


Paint’s power should never be underestimated! It is both affordable and adaptable. Almost everything can be painted. Cabinets, walls, floors (vinyl and wood), furniture, and even my kitchen backsplash have all been painted! On a dime, paint can give your room a new look.

Do it on your own

By tackling a room renovation on your own, you can save a lot of money. You should paint the walls yourself. Make your own curtains and pillows. You can refinish or repaint the furniture on your own. Don’t be frightened to try it out! Many DIY projects are simple enough for even the most unskilled homeowner to do. For DIY project ideas, check out DIY sites and talk to the personnel at your local home improvement store.

Look for bargains at flea markets, consignment shops, yard sales, and Craigslist.

For many people on a tight budget, buying new furniture is simply not an option. The good news is that flea markets, consignment stores, Craigslist, and even yard sales are fantastic places to get amazing prices on furniture, light fixtures, and art. Finding bargains may be a lot of fun, and you can often uncover items that are of far higher quality than many modern products.

Shop from the comfort of your own home.

This is my favorite piece of advice! I fully transformed my laundry room for only $71 out of pocket by repurposing old drapes, paint, and accessories from our attic. You’d never guess it! Those curtains that didn’t fit in your new home’s dining room can be excellent in another room. Discover innovative ways to use outdated decor in your attic, closets, and/or basement.

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