Get More Likes On Instagram With Help Of This Guide

Instagram has approximately 500 million daily users who use the Like button 4.2 billion times per day on average.

Those figures appear to be positive for a company aiming to increase likes and engagement. But the issue isn’t gaining likes; it’s getting enough likes to increase your visibility, resulting in more people engaging with, following, and investing in your brand.

You must approach material strategically if you want to buy instagram views.

Some suggestions merely require minor adjustments, while others necessitate a little more effort. All of these things, however, can help you improve your content so that more users double-tap the heart button.

Top Tip: This article assumes you’ve previously built an Instagram company profile, are familiar with the basics of Instagram marketing, and know how to use the platform to reach your target audience. If not, check out our beginner’s guide to Instagram marketing for small businesses to learn the basics.

Before we get into these tips in detail, let’s take a look at how Instagram’s likes feature has recently changed and why getting likes is still important.

Why do Instagram likes matter?

Instagram started suppressing likes for users in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Ireland, Italy, and the United States in 2019. The goal is to encourage a shift in posting behavior toward creativity, storytelling, and spontaneity by reducing competitiveness and popularity contests.

“The aim is to try and depressurize Instagram, make it less of a competition, allow people more space to focus on interacting with people they love and things that inspire them,” said Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri.

People viewing your posts will not be able to see how many likes they have if you hide likes. As a result, rather than being drawn to brands with huge like-counts, people may interact more regularly with brands with which they have a genuine relationship.

For brands, this means that every like you receive has come from a genuine admirer. Likes, despite being hidden from the public eye, have become more influential than ever.

Although likes are hidden, the numbers can still be accessed via the backend. This way, you can still see how a post is doing and alter it to fit the Instagram algorithm, which still favors likes as a ranking signal.

Whether or whether it is permanently implemented in the UK, likes remain a critical metric of success, and obtaining them necessitates high-quality content.

With that in mind, let’s go on to the advice.

1. Make use of high-resolution images.

Every day, Instagram receives around 95 million posts. You’re competing for attention with other brands, influencers, and your followers’ friends and family every time you post.

To be noticed, your content must halt users in their tracks. This means no photos that are fuzzy, pixilated, or poorly lighted.

Modern smartphones, fortunately, feature cameras that are more than capable of creating a high-quality image.

Whenever you snap a photo or record a video with your phone, remember to:

  • Use HDR mode to capture your images.
  • To keep the phone steady, use a smartphone tripod.
  • Make images with a width of 1080 pixels.

Expert Photography offers some excellent advice on how to get the most out of your phone camera.

Choose a filter that appeals to users when you’re ready to post photos. According to a study by TrackMaven, the Mayfair filter is the best for interactions, followed by no filter at all, which emphasizes the quality of your original photo.

Hashtags have the potential to bring a whole new audience to your Instagram photos. Every specialty has its own set of popular phrases.

Typing a few terms relating to your image or business into the Instagram search field is the quickest approach to find the right hashtags.

Alternatively, in the caption, type # followed by your keywords. The most popular Instagram hashtags appear as a result of this.

Using a hashtag generator tool like All Hashtag is another technique to find suitable hashtags. Enter a keyword in the search field, and the tool will suggest hashtags that are most closely linked.

Use the most popular hashtags in your niche to reach as many people as possible with your post.

Use location-based hashtags to reach people in your immediate region. To find these, type ‘popular Instagram accounts + [your city]’ into Google and check what terms the most popular accounts in your area are using.

Here’s one of Bristol’s most popular Instagram accounts as an example.

When it comes to hashtags, how many should you use?

You can use up to 30 hashtags each post on Instagram, but that may be excessive. According to Sprout Social’s hashtag strategy research, most brands utilize one to five hashtags, but nine is the sweet spot for interaction.

3. Make video content a priority.

According to Mention, Instagram posts with videos earn 38 percent more engagement than those with photographs. In general, video provides the highest return on investment (ROI) for social media marketing initiatives.

Using your smartphone, screen capture software, animated films, or user-generated content, you can make good videos on a budget.

In our tutorial on how to build your small business with video marketing, we go through each of these approaches in depth. The article also includes information on the several forms of video material you may utilize to engage your audience, such as:

  • Demonstrations of products
  • Events
  • Case studies are used to illustrate a point.
  • Videos from behind-the-scenes
  • Interviews

How-to tutorials are the most popular type of Instagram video content, according to wibbitz. That’s something to consider if you have something to educate your audience.

Another item to consider is the technical specifications:

  • MP4 is a video format.
  • 3-60 seconds in length
  • Video file size: Up to 512MB, but for faster uploading, keep it around 50MB.
  • 1.91:1-4:5 aspect ratio
  • Square, portrait, or landscape orientation

4. Hold a contest or a free giveaway.

Contests are one of the simplest methods to boost Instagram engagement. You can make the barrier to admission as simple as ‘like-to-win’ to increase likes.

You can increase participation by encouraging contestants to additionally follow you and tag a friend, as shown in this giveaway from Diala’s Kitchen.

Make sure the prize is relevant to your brand and target market, as well as specialized enough to attract long-term admirers, to make your Instagram contest or giveaway exciting.

Giving out a free meal for two or a gift card, for example, is something that true fans would be interested in if you manage a restaurant. Giving away an iPad or a Disneyland vacation, on the other hand, may just attract opportunists who have no genuine interest in your brand.

Read Instagram’s Promotion Guidelines before launching any contest or giveaway. It’s hardly the most interesting task, but it’ll keep you out of trouble with the platform’s moderators.

5. Create captivating captions

Captions give your visual content a voice. They let you to elaborate on images, display your individuality, and give directions to your followers.

To get the perfect caption, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the tone is appropriate. Instagram is a humorous and enjoyable platform, so your postings should reflect that. If your voice has a corporate or formal tone, add some personality to make it more real and authentic.
  • Prioritize the most important details. In the Instagram feed, caption text gets cut off after two or three lines. Assume that people will not click’more’ even if you want them to. Save hashtags until the end and send out your most important message first.
  • Make a call-to-action statement. In order to get your followers to accomplish something, you must first ask them.
  • ‘Click on the link in the bio,’ for example, or ‘like if you’d do this,’ or ‘comment with your favorite XYZ,’ for example.

Emojis are a great way to express yourself. Emojis not only give individuality to a message, but they also serve to draw attention to it and break up text. You can also use appropriate emojis to substitute text if they are available.

What should the length of your Instagram captions be?

The character limit for Instagram captions is 2200 characters, which offers you plenty of room to express yourself.

Quintly showed that brands with one million or fewer followers received the most engagement from posts with 1-50 characters in a recent survey of over 8.9 million Instagram posts. According to Sprout Social, a caption should be between 138 and 150 characters long. As a result, keeping things short and sweet may be the best option.

Use other social media networks to promote your Instagram post if you have them.

Top Tip: You should be on other social media sites if you aren’t already. More than half of the 97 percent of internet consumers who used social media in the previous month did so to do product research. Although social media marketing can be a cost-effective and dynamic method to brand marketing, establishing your brand online requires a well-defined strategy. Read our 7-step guide to developing a social media marketing strategy for your small business to discover more about how to accomplish just that.

Instagram allows you to publish your photos and videos to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr immediately. It’s not something you should do with every post, as sharing original content to each channel is best practice. However, reminding fans about your other social media accounts is another low-effort technique to get more views and likes on Instagram.

You can urge people to follow you on Instagram in posts, email newsletters, or, as the FSB has done here, in your social media biographies, in addition to automatic sharing.

You may also use Instagram’s Stories feature to cross-share material without leaving the app, which allows you to direct users to your organic posts.

Every day, 500 million people use Instagram Stories, and 62% of users report seeing a brand or product in Stories has piqued their interest in it. This makes it a useful tool for increasing the number of people who see your feed’s posts.

To advertise the competition we showed you before, Diala’s Kitchen used Stories to great advantage.

7. Add relevant persons and brands to your list.

Tagging another brand or person allows you to give them the credit they deserve while also directing your followers to them.

However, there are advantages for you as well.

A tag alerts others to new content you’ve created. Thanks to the ‘tagged in’ area, it also helps your Instagram images appear on their profile.

Additionally, if you support another company, they are more inclined to reciprocate your enthusiasm (more on this in the next tip).

When tagging people in Instagram pictures, make sure you tag them in the photo as well as the caption. When you’re in the mood to:

  • Collaboration with another company on a project
  • praising a consumer, a fan, or a colleague
  • Announcing the winner of the competition
  • expressing gratitude for a case study
  • Responding to client inquiries
  • You’ve shared someone else’s material on your feed.

Only tag people when it’s appropriate. Also, try to avoid tagging the same people over and over to prevent being spammy.

8. Participate in group activities

Instagram is a community, and people will reciprocate if you’re an active member who takes the time to like and comment on content that interests you.

To increase engagement rates, take these steps:

  • If someone follows you, you should return the favor. You obviously don’t want to follow spam accounts.
  • If someone makes a comment on your photo, respond with one geared at them. Mention them in the remark by using the @ symbol.
  • Like the photographs with hashtags that you’re curious about.
  • Leave a comment on photographs with hashtags you’re interested in.
  • Like what other people have said about photographs you’re interested in.
  • Send direct messages to people who are interesting to you or who have a lot of worth to you.
  • Tag people in your post who you know or with whom you’ve built a relationship on Instagram.

In your posts, ask questions or solicit input.

More followers means more people will see your posts, which means more likes.

9. Publish content at the appropriate moment

To get the most Instagram likes, you need as many people to notice your photos as possible. To do this, you must publish content at times when your target audience is online.

In our guide to the ideal times to post on Instagram in the UK, we go into great detail about this, but here’s an overview based on 12 million posts analyzed by Later:

  • 6 a.m., 10 a.m., and 10 p.m. on Monday
  • 2 a.m., 4 a.m., and 9 a.m. on Tuesday
  • 7 a.m., 8 a.m., and 11 p.m. on Wednesday
  • 9 a.m., 12 p.m., and 7 p.m. on Thursday
  • 5 a.m., 1 p.m., and 3 p.m. on Friday
  • 11 a.m., 7 p.m., and 8 p.m. on Saturday
  • 7 a.m., 8 a.m., and 4 p.m. on Sunday

According to Sprout Social, the greatest day and hour to publish for engagement is Wednesday at 11 a.m.

10. Request likes

The next piece of advice is likely the most straightforward: if you want people to like your postings, simply ask them.

When Socialbakers looked at 350,283 tweets from 3,792 brands on Twitter, it discovered that asking people to “RT” a post got 73 retweets on average, while asking users to “Please Retweet” got 64 retweets on average.

When HubSpot looked at Facebook posts, they noticed a similar pattern. Posts using the word “Like” receive more likes.

Although Twitter and Facebook are not the same as Instagram, individuals behave in the same way. Followers are more inclined to comply if the call-to-action is explicit.

Directly ask your Instagram followers to interact with your posts:

  • Assume you agree.
  • If you can relate to this, please leave a comment.
  • Please share this with a friend who would enjoy it.

Bringing things to a close

Likes on Instagram indicate that your material is being well received by your audience. Getting more of them increases the number of people who see your material, which means more eyes on your message and more interest in your brand.

As part of your social media strategy, apply the recommendations in this piece to help you create the content that Instagram users want to see while also making it easy to locate.

The best part is that all of these suggestions are free and simple to implement. Gradually incorporate them into your content and track how your likes increase over time. This will assist you in determining which approaches are most effective with your followers in order to achieve long-term success.

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