Qualities of a Good Hairstylist

Hairstylist is someone who can really turn your mood up without much fuss around. It’s truly a blessing for a hairstylist. Hair is such a huge problem for both males as well as females. The way you style your hair actually makes up for how your attitude is as well.

If you dress your hair in some other way than you do usually, you will feel the difference in your personality too. A hairstylist can do that job for you. Here are some of the important qualities that should be there in a good hairstylist:-


A hairstylist needs to be very creative and on the edge. Those of them who are short hair stylists need to be more concerned about it. The volume of hair in short hair is very small. The ways you can style your hair is really small as well.

Then how to make Hairstyle in such a way that it can please the customer? That’s the job of a good hairstylist. It’s not just any other normal profession out there not is it what a normal person would think about it. You can yourself cut your hair easily with the help of a mirror.

But to make a good styling out of it, that is possible only to a hairstylist. If you have seen the impact of a good hairstylist, it can be best known from the films or cinema to be precise. When a very popular character appears in front of your screen who has a different hairstyle, you would definitely opt for it. Sometimes the creativity is too amazing.

That’s what a hairstylist can do, he can literally change the entire look and complexion of a person.

Good listener

This is something that most people won’t get but a hairstylist has to be a very good listener. Let’s think about this, let’s talk about a kid’s hairstylist. It is so tough to style hair for a kid. Why is that so?

Cause a kid doesn’t let you cut hair the way you desire to cut them.

In the meantime, you need to hear the kid’s parent, mostly a mother who’s annoying as hell will keep running into your ears. It is such a complicated situation. Herein, a hairstylist needs to be a very good listener.

The tantrums thrown by the youngsters are much than the matured bunch of people. They are going to tell you a thousand hairstyles at one point. Sometimes what they vision might be different than what you have really cut their hair like and it can lead to disappointments. You need to listen to your customer care, you should be addressing exactly what your client desires.

As long as you can make up for the requirements of your client, the rest of the things doesn’t matter. So listen to your clients carefully and accordingly design their hair the way they have said.

Converting vision into reality

This is something that will define hairstylist as a true professional. It’s possibly the most important trait to have for a hairstylist. Not just the normal hairstylist but the facial hairstylist needs to be visionaries as well.

There’s so much you can make out of your hair and you yourself might not know about it but your hairstylist would definitely know about it. That’s what his job is all about. Sometimes people can have some weird expectations regarding their hair.

They might be looking for a different kind of solitude and you might not know about it beforehand. But to convert your client’s vision into reality is the task of a hairstylist. He might have his own vision regarding your hair as well. You can’t achieve that vision frame to frame but you can somehow come close to it.

You can come really close to it if you can do all of it with the right frame of mind as a hairstylist. The job isn’t easy at all, it sometimes may give your headaches as well. But to be a good hairstylist, you need to go against all odds and find a way to make through a significant result.

Full honesty

Sometimes you need to let your clients know that the style that they want or the style that they are intending to want is not good for them if that is the case. The hairstylist in India is mostly in the favor of being honest and that’s how things should be as well.

If you’re not honest, you’re playing with your client. This is nothing that your customer wouldn’t be able to know. You cannot hide if the style that you wanted to achieve is not achieved in the first place. You need to be sure about the hairstyle’s success.

If you don’t feel like the hairstyle’s going to work, let your customer know beforehand. It generally happens with hairstyles that you see some hairstyle online and you find it good. The fact of the matter is, the same hairstyle cannot work for everyone out there.

You have a different head shape, you have different types of hair. Maybe the hairstyle that you saw belonged to the straight-haired person and you’re having curly hair. Maybe the facial shape for the person whose hairstyle you saw differs from your face shape.

Nobody is aware of the situations more than hairstylists and they should let their customers know about it and help them get out of the illusion.

Communication skills

Another important aspect where a hairstylist needs to work on if he wants to achieve new heights is his communication skills. The best hairstylists have the best communication abilities as well. Communication doesn’t necessarily mean how you say things.

It is just so much more to communication which people may or may not understand in the first place. Especially for a hairstylist who wants to make a big name in his work, it should be just more than verbal communication.

The way you use your hand gestures or the way you use your tools as a hairstylist makes a great impact as well. If you wouldn’t be a good communicator, you’re probably lacking it somewhere. It is the same case with any other profession as well. You need to be communicating your thoughts very well.

Unless and until you do it, you will always find it an uphill task to be good at your job. A hairstylist needs to make it clear to his client that the hairstyle that he or she wants to achieve is suitable or not and how the hairstyle will be achieved should be much known to the client as well.

Good understanding of his gadgets

A hairstylist has many gadgets around him which can also be called the hairstylist gifts. There are different instruments or tools available with a hairstylist. Some are technological ones like a trimmer, dryer and a lot of other things.

While there are chemicals which he uses on your hair for the betterment. Now how much of a quantity should be used for a particular amount of hair should be known to the hairstylist. The chemicals are never good for your hair.

But sometimes you can use them as it wouldn’t be harmful and it will set up your hair nicely as well. But if the quantity is used to a larger extent, it can have significant bad effects on someone’s hair. This is the job of a hairstylist.

He should know exactly how much of a quantity is to be used and how much of a quantity should not be used.

Healthy personal grooming and environment

Just imagine if you enter a saloon and you’re seeing hair all around and people are smoking in the room and it’s a dirty smell coming out of it, would you like to go back to that salon again? Definitely not. A hairstylist needs to have a good hairstyle himself.

In most of the cases, we find only hygienic hairstylists around us but there are exceptions everywhere. Unless and until a stylist has a good personal grooming and a clean and prosperous environment around himself, he should not be calling himself a good hairstylist.

He’s not a good hairstylist in the first place. If his personal grooming is impressive, people will feel that he can do the same grooming for you as well. He might follow the same patterns which lead to a nice hairstyle for you. It is all about perceptions in the first place and you need to build a good perception in the mind of people!